What I learned from my dad.

  • Try everything at least once (my dad encouraged me to at least try everything – every sport, music, etc.).
  • Invite your son / daughter to help you. Even though they might not know what you’re doing, they love to learn, and at least feel like they’re helping (I did).
  • Enjoy life.
  • Love your kids.
  • Discipline isn’t a bad thing, it’s necessary.
I’m thankful for my father, and my Father. I’ve learned so much from them both.

What did you learn from your dad?

2 Replies to “What I learned from my dad.”

  1. Never be too busy for your family. (To this day, whenever I call him at work I ask, "Are you busy?" He always says, "Never too busy to talk to you." I think I still ask just to hear him say it. And, when he went back to medical school as a 35-year-old with 3 kids, he NEVER studied on Friday nights…even though he often had tests on Mondays. Friday nights were family time.) I love the immediate access I have to my dad even when it means his patients have to wait a bit.

  2. Not being too busy for your family communicates so much to them! You can always tell what you love the most by what you make time for – and I want to make time for my family!

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