When I first began dating my wife, she would ask my opinion about a slew of different topics (I honestly can’t remember what some of the topics were). My normal answer was… “I don’t know.” After several, “I don’t know’s,” she finally burst out with, “well, THINK ABOUT IT!” Those three words began to change my life..from boy to man.

Men need to think. I bet I was raised in a home similar to the average American, where it’s best to ‘keep an open mind.’ I used to interpret that saying as, ‘don’t have a strong opinion or think too much about anything or you’re a putz.’ I was wrong. Our communities and families need men that lead with their thought-through opinions.

That’s my challenge for the day (especially you men)… think. Try not to answer with, “I don’t know” for a whole week, even if it means getting back to someone later.

For the fun of it, write down what you’re thinking about right now in the comments below. Even if it’s just a word or two.

Thanks to Rob Inh00d for the photo above (nice username, too!)

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