Don’t just take the easy route – have a plan.

Much of my life I have gone through the daily and weekly motions, mostly doing what people ask of me or doing what I believe is expected of me without much of a plan. If I’m honest, I didn’t have a plan concerning what college I attended, I went the easy route. I didn’t plan on what jobs I took during the summers, I just took what was given to me.

What about the girl you’re dating, or the classes you’re taking in college? Do you have a plan behind those? Is there a greater purpose that you have in dating that girl, or taking that class (sorry to equate those, ladies…)? You need a plan. That daughter and future mother needs to know you have a plan. You’ll thank yourself later if you have a plan. It’s OK if it’s altered later, just put some purpose behind what you’re doing now.

I have recently been challenged to think about having a life plan. Many people often ask the question, “what would you want to be known for after you die?” I want to plan for that. Right now I can determine how people remember me after I’m gone. I can begin being about those things I want to be known as before I pass on.

If you haven’t thought about a life plan, or don’t even know what one looks like, I would encourage you to read this post by Michael Hyatt. He’s a Christian, so it’s based around living as a Chrisitan would, but I would bet that anybody could get something out of his model.

Have you developed a life plan? What does it look like? Do you have any tips for us?

Thanks to popofatticus for the photo above.

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