Why are more parents today letting their kids get away without working? “You’ll have your whole life to work,” I’ve heard many parents mutter. True, but what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with working now? I think parents now need to encourage their children to work, and the earlier, the better.


Work is great for several things. It helps us know more about ourselves and what we enjoy doing. It helps us develop socially as we interact with others we work alongside. It helps us gain respect for authority, even if we don’t always agree or get along with our bosses. It teaches us to respect the people that work hard for a living – especially in the jobs that we would not want to have. It helps us make the world a better place.

QUICK POLL! At what age did you get your first job? If you feel spunky, elaborate on that – what was your job?

Thanks to The U.S. Army for the photo above.

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  1. Hi Jason! I like your blog! My first job was babysitting at age 13. And I agree with you about young people needing to work. It helped me to understand that money doesn't appear out of nowhere, and manual labor made me appreciate having the opportunity to go to college.

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