Moms & Little Boys (Post 1)

In response to a friend’s request, I’ll be posting a little series about boys and what I think their mothers need to know about them.

My son is only 6 months old right now (no, that’s not his picture on the left…), but I know that his interactions with the world around him is different that little girls. At least that’s what my doctor says. 

When my wife and I first observed our son noticing the world around him, he was fixated on objects – not faces, but objects. Our doctor mentioned that most (if not all) boys do this, whereas girls will first lock their eyes on faces. That’s amazing to me. 

What does this mean? So far, I think it merely means that mom’s (and dad’s) will need to be ok with their sons playing on their own, observing and watching the world around them. Don’t take it personally if your son doesn’t lock eyes with you for long periods of time. I notice that even I want my son to interact me for longer than he currently does. He just needs a break from social interaction to observe things around him. 

I’m interested to see what this little nuance will mean for our son in the future. 

What have you noticed your little boy or girl locking eyes on? Does our doctor’s theory hold true? 

*Coming up… I have a short story to post next about a 3 year old boy interacting with my wife… it’s pretty interesting.

Thanks to GoodNCrazy for the photo above.

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  1. Hey Jason, this was good to hear. As we expect our little boy I find myself nervous…since we are so "all girl" around here. Like you said, there are many, many differences! I'm excited for our journey to raise a boy and I look forward to hearing about yours. Blessings Larson family. 🙂

  2. Hey Donna! I'm excited for you and Justin to have another kiddo to begin to raise! It'll be fun to hear what you guys see as differences with having a girl being the oldest.

    Darren – I agree. It seems like the social aspect carries over into adulthood, too – at least for most of us!

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