What is a man?

What does it mean to become a man? When does that happen? How does that happen?

These are the questions that I continue to struggle with myself, and that I struggle with as I raise (at this point in time) 2 boys into becoming men someday.

As we try to define what a ‘true man’ is like (his characteristics, attributes, nature, etc.), we need to have some sort of standard – some kind of principles with which to begin. As I try to find the principles that define what it means to be a true man, I want to be open about where I am finding those principles. First and foremost, I look to God. I believe that the God of the Bible has the greatest intentions for men, and desires for us to become the men that He has created us to be. He also has given us some pretty good (and also some pretty poor) examples in the Bible itself.

I want to earn your trust, though. I don’t want men to not listen simply because they either don’t believe in God, or don’t believe that He has anything good to say. Please don’t confuse what God has to say with what other people have interpreted Him to say. For every good example of a Christian man, I’m convinced there are many bad examples. I’m sorry if you have been hurt, abused, or led astray by one of those bad examples. I know that God is sorry as well, and I believe (He actually says this) that those men would have been better off “with a millstone hung around their neck and were thrown into the sea.” (Mark 9:42)

So, from this point onward, I believe coming up with the definition of a ‘true man’ has to include talking about the God of Christianity. I plan on being honest and open about my beliefs and struggles as a Christian, and I hope you can be honest about where you are at in life as well – no matter where you are at in your spiritual life or any other area.

I would love if you would join with me in this great journey – or continue on with me. By no means have I arrived, nor will I ever arrive at true manhood. I simply want to be open about my progress, how I process things, and how I consider raising my boys into men.

I’m convinced that our world would be a better place if more men stepped up to become true men – men that they were created to be.

Thanks for joining me. I hope to hear about your progress along the way as well.

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