The women in your life are more beautiful than they think…

As men, how can we help improve how the women in our lives view themselves? Our wives, girlfriends, daughters, mothers, friends?

Please watch this video, and think about how we can help women know that they are beautiful to us…

I hope to be a person who helps improve the way women view themselves, rather than negatively impacting that view. Kind of reminds me of a John Mayer song


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  1. A lesson I learned later in my marriage than I hope many of you do is that the quality of my marriage was far less dependent upon how handsome I was or what physical shape I retained. My marriage improved when I made it matter more about what my wife thought of how pretty and important she was. To quote friend of mine, “Women need to be told how pretty they are as often men want to be told how well endowed they are.” RDE

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