Recommended Books on Parenting.

My wife and I made a decision during our first couple years of marriage that we were going to try and parent our children well. We want our children to grow into men and women of character, and we know that the way we parent will impact our children greatly. 

These two books are the ones that my wife and I read together before we had our first son (yes, we actually read to each other out-loud) and I would like to pass on those that we really liked:

Raising Great Kids by John Townsend & Henry Cloud. I feel like I learned a lot about the kind of man I want to be (or should be) from this book as well as how to parent my children. In summary, it talks about the ultimate goal of parenting as raising kids with character, rather than raising obedient kids. I highly recommend this book for anybody, kids or not!

A Family of Value by John Rosemond. This book is written by a psychologist who recognizes how modern psychology has hindered raising great children nowadays (pretty bold!). This book was recommended to us by great friends of ours, and we would pass on that recommendation to you!

What great books have you read on parenting? Any recommendations?

Thanks to austinevan for the photo above.

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