I often drift off into my own world and it’s easy for me to stay there. I need to make a conscious effort to engage with the world around me. I’m willing to bet that most men need to engage more in at least one part of the world around them. Us men would be better boyfriends, better sons, better husbands, better fathers, and better friends if we engaged more with the world around us.

I could ask myself ‘how much is enough.’ I could make excuses for not engaging in the world around me. I need to engage more. Period.

Some quick advice: go toward people – toward those who are closest to you: your girlfriend/wife, son, daughter, mom, dad, friend… Then, ask questions. Get to know them. Get to know them better than you know them now. Don’t talk about yourself, just ask questions and listen.

Some more advice: start now. Don’t tell yourself you can’t change or that it’s too late. It’s not. Engage more with the world around you, especially those you love.

Tell us how it goes…

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