Parenting & Enjoying the ‘NOW’

When I recently became a new parent, I vowed to cross off one particular saying as I raise my child:

“I can’t wait until…”

The general reasoning is because I don’t want to miss what is going on in his life right now.

I believe that the next generation of men are going to be comfortable where they are at right now in life, and not be constantly looking forward. I would love to let my son know that I am enjoying him right where he’s at in life, which will hopefully lead to him enjoying where he’s at in life as well.

What do you think? Have you ‘vowed’ to remove any sayings from your vocabulary as you think about parenting?

Thanks to Terry Wha for the photo above

2 Replies to “Parenting & Enjoying the ‘NOW’”

  1. That's good, Jody. I've wrestled with that, too – wondering if there might be sometime when I simply can't explain & they need to trust me as the parent. That's tough!

    One great book that Joce and I had recommended to us (and we would recommend) is "A Family of Value" by John Rosemond. He addresses some of these things in his book. Thanks for the comment!

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