Being Resourceful.

Most children are quick to ask, “Can you do this for me, Dad?” It’s easy to ask for help if someone you trust is nearby. It’s also easy for us as parents to feel special because we’ve been asked to help with something from someone we love, and without question, help them.

Sometimes the best thing we can do as parents is to NOT help our children! Why wouldn’t we give them the confidence they need and say, “You can do it, son. I know you can.”

One mark of a maturing adult is the ability to be resourceful – to use what they know is available to them in order to solve a problem. Parents now-a-days are just a phone-call or text away, and often help their children too quickly.

Unfortunately, I’m seeing more and more college students (especially men) behave like children. Even worse, their parents treat them as children still – helping them through every problem that arises.

Maybe the next time you’re asked to help with something, it might be best not to help.

How did you learn to be resourceful?

(PS. That’s me and my younger brothers at Christmastime in the picture above. Those were the days!)

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