Technology has made us lose this one important thing…

I love technology and how it has helped me learn and even provide for my family. But I think there is one important thing that we’ve lost (maybe you haven’t, but I certainly have)…

Deep thought about others.

Let me explain.

I’ve been reading Benjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson. We know so much about Benjamin Franklin because of his letters to family, friends, foes, and others. Think of the difference between his letters and our emails, though… often those letters would take not only days, but sometimes weeks to arrive. A simple “never mind that last email” wasn’t as easy to write – or a simple correction to a flippantly sent text wasn’t possible. So much thought and intention went into each one of those letters. So much time was spent thinking about others while those letters were being written.

Physically writing letters forces us to slow down our thought process and be intentional with each word we write – which forces us to think about the person to whom we are writing and our relationship with them!

Think about FaceTime, or even texting. About the deepest we usually go with our loved ones when we’re apart is, “I miss you.” Maybe it’s just me, but it’s easier for me to convey the deeper thoughts of my heart through a longer letter to someone rather than in a text or a FaceTime conversation – or in-person for that matter.

Don’t you have people in your life that deserve more of your thought time? I sure do. Reading this book has made me realize that I don’t give as much well-deserved thought-time towards those that I love.

Off to writing a letter…

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