Disclosure Policy

I have a disclosure policy simply because I want you to know what is going on behind this blog. In the end, I’m about about sharing my thoughts about manhood and other things. Along the way, it would be nice to be able to support my family, too.

Just so it’s clear and upfront: I (will hopefully, someday) make money from the content of this website. 🙂

I abide by the rules set for bloggers by the Federal Trade Commission. I do this in order to be transparent to this community of readers, and for the benefit of me and my family. These rules basically state that I have to let you know when I’m receiving money for something on this blog. Whether I review a product and receive money for that, I receive something free for talking about it, or an affiliate program, or… well, you get the point. I need to be open about what I’m receiving, and I intend to do that.

Please know that simply because I may receive compensation for some or all parts of this blog doesn’t mean that my thoughts or opinions are skewed – I will always be honest with you! I may receive a product (such as a book, or toy or something) that I really dislike, and I intend to let you know that.

Anytime I offer any kind of giveaway, you can assume that I am personally paying for those products unless otherwise states.

I will only allow advertising on this site for products and services that are up to the standards of this blog. I do reserve the right to display relevant advertisements and sponsorships throughout this property.

I will not necessarily reveal affiliate partners every time I post a link in my blog posts, but I will not promote or endorse any products that I do not feel would be beneficial to the readers of this blog.

Thank you for your support and encouragement through this blog. I look forward to seeing where this community goes!

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