My name is Jason. By day (and night, sometimes), I am running my own business doing web design, web hosting, marketing, and graphic design / branding.

I’m a proud father of 2 boys – Howard and Stone, and I’m crazy about my wife, Jocelyn. They’re the reason that I’m writing this blog.

My wife Jocelyn challenges me (mostly unknowingly) to be more of a man than I am now. My boys help keep the ‘boy’ alive inside me, but challenge me to be a great parent – becoming a better man.

I grew up in a divorced home with parents that both still loved me and wanted me to be around. I think this has had a dramatic effect on me and others on becoming a man. I hope to be able to talk about that openly and get insight from others as well.

I keep this blog as a way to write my thoughts, my perspective, and sometimes challenges to men to become what I believe to be more of a true man.

What’s my dream? My dream is that this blog would reach men around the globe and have them consider what it means to become a true man – someone with integrity, character and perseverance.

Where’s my basis for writing these things? I’m unashamed to say that I’m a Christian. But, please hear this, I don’t think that Christianity has the answers – I think that God has the answers. Unfortunately there’s a lot about Christianity that I think has fogged up the image of a true man. I believe the greatest story that was ever told actually happened – and that’s that God loved us so much that he sent his only Son, Jesus, so that we may have eternal life. There’s a lot in that story that we can learn what a true man is like. I hope to keep learning more and more about that.

I’m always open to talking, and you can easily contact me in these ways:

  • Commenting on this blog!
  • Following me on Twitter: @jasonmlarsen
  • Liking my Fan Page on Facebook. Yes, there is one. I haven’t done much with it, but maybe I will someday.
  • Emailing me. Yes, I will respond to emails! Just write to jason [at] fromboytoman.com

Are you seriously still reading?

Well, if you’re looking for more to read, you can read my Disclosure Policy and Comment Policy. I’m impressed if you get that far. 🙂

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