Taking Inventory of My Life

I often try to take inventory of my life. Not because I’m unhappy, or depressed, but because I think it’s a healthy practice – to step back and look at where I’m at, where I’m going, and where I’ve come from.

One of the best ways I have continued to learn about myself has been by keeping a journal. Not only does it help me consider what is happening in my life currently, but it helps me realize where I have come from and what things I have thought in the past.

I recently did a quick ‘inventory’ of my life, and looked back a couple years in my current journal (yes, I’m still trying to get better at being consistent in writing – I think my wife goes through a journal at least every year). I read an entry from 2 years ago that put words to how I was feeling just a couple months ago. That shocked me! Right then I was able to ask myself some deeper questions because I had some very similar feelings that had lasted for years!

So, do you keep a journal? How has it helped you? What other things have helped you take ‘inventory’ of your life?

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