Raising Children: A Blessing to Others

My wife and I are constantly talking about parenting and what we can do better as parents to our son. Ultimately, we want our children to grow up as responsible adults that have impeccable character. This is a challenge for me, as some of the best parenting happens as our children observe us as adults.

One day my wife Jocelyn said something that was profound: “Children are a blessing. It’s our job as parents to make sure they are a blessing to others.” It’s true that children are a blessing, but often we see them as gifts from above that we aren’t to tamper with. I believe nothing is further from the truth. As parents, we have the responsibility to help shape them into responsible and like-able people. I really want other people to like my kids!
Here a few ways that we are hoping to make our child a blessing to others:
  • Not letting him ‘beg’ for food (he will often want what the ‘adults’ are eating rather than his own food)
  • Helping him know that there are times to be quiet and times to be loud (this is especially hard for a 13-month old right now)
  • Making sure that he’s gentle when he needs to be (when touching babies, pets, etc.)
  • Saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ when people arrive or leave
What are ways that you are helping your children be a blessing to others? Comment below!

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