How to clean your garage, and get other things done, too

One of my goals today is to get my garage cleaned out enough so my wife can park her car in it. Since it’s a high of 9 degrees and snowing, I figured that’s a good way to serve her.
As I looked at my garage, I was instantly overwhelmed and had that feeling of, “I have no stinking idea where to start.” After a few minutes (probably more like 15) of milling around my garage, looking at things and wondering what I should do with them, I found myself doing what I do often – nothing. I was thinking about doing something, and was planning on doing something, but nothing was getting done. I was trying to make sure that I was doing it exactly right (I think that’s my excuse).
So, my solution… DO SOMETHING.
Even if I’m not sure what’s coming next or if what I’m doing is the exact right thing to do, I’m still doing something and getting things done. I knew my final goal, I just wasn’t sure how to get there. So, I just started moving towards that goal.
I don’t want to be one of those people that talk about doing things but nothing ever happens. I just need to do something. It’s kind of why I wrote this post. I could have labored to find a picture to go with it, and could have thought of every excuse why I shouldn’t do this post right now, but I did it because I know that it’s good to just do something.
So, I encourage you to get up and do something.

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  1. Great post Jason! I have been the same way lately with getting home renovation projects done. I was getting so ticked off that I had been talking about doing something in our bathroom (new tile floor, paint, etc.) but nothing was getting done. But I realized there was something that would kick my butt into gear to help get me started……Invite someone over to help me do the project. Nearly everything in life is better when you have someone else working with you. My buddy Joey came over and in just a few hours we had the toilet and vanity torn out, the old flor torn up and a new tile floor down. It is amazing how motivation and follow through is multiplied ten fold when you are in together with someone else.

  2. Thanks, Justin! I agree completely that it's so much easier to do things when other people are with you. I think that's why I like helping my friends renovate versus me doing it myself – because it's easier for me to offer than to ask!

    Thanks, Justin! I'm looking forward to seeing how your renovation goes. I'm cheering you on to get it done before the babies come!

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