Discovering My Responsibilities

We quickly find that the older we get, the more responsibilities we have. Isn’t that true? More responsibilities come with going to school on your own, dating, moving away from your parents, getting married, buying a home, having kids, and the list goes on…

The hard thing for me is balancing those responsibilities, and correctly prioritizing them. Not only do I desire to do well in balancing the responsibilities in my life, I want to lead well in them.

The first step that we can take in order to balance and lead in our responsibilities is to simply recognize them. Here are some areas that I believe I’m doing fairly well in right now:

  • Children – loving and parenting my children
  • Work – being the best that I can be in work
Here are some areas that I really would like to figure out a better balance, and lead well in:
  • Myself – investing in my own growth, health, etc.
  • Wife – loving my wife the way she deserves to be loved
  • Friends – being the kind of friend to others that I need myself
I know that there are other categories that are missing – this is just a first pass at recognizing my responsibilities as a husband, father, provider, and friend.
After thinking about this for just a few minutes, I notice that I do a horrible job at taking care of myself (I’m currently overweight and out of shape so much that it’s embarrassing), but it’s easy for me to prioritize work.
What about you? Would you care to share where you’re doing well and could use to improve?

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