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I love comments!

The entire reason I post on this blog is so you will give feedback, critique, and comment on what I write!

With that in mind, here are my comment policy guidelines…

  1. You are responsible for what you write. Period.
  2. You “Hold Harmless” any author on From Boy To Man. Basically it means that you deem any author or writer on From Boy To Man null of any repercussions, damages, and/or liabilities.
  3. I, Jason, reserve the right to moderate, delete and alter any content on this blog without reason for explanation, which includes all blog posts, pages, advertisements, and comments. This right will hopefully never have to be enforced on comments, but if so, I will do my best to make note of any changes to the comments.
  4. Personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated. Period.
  5. Please do not put affiliate links in comments. This may be grounds for a deleted or altered comment.
  6. Please use a valid email address and url (if appropriate, and owned or operated by yourself) in the comment box – I might want to contact you!
  7. I do not share email addresses or any other personal information for any reason what-so-ever. I will protect your privacy!
  8. You grant me license and permission to use your comment in subsequent blog posts or any other form of written material. Thanks! This will not be abused.

Thank you so much for your comments. Your comments keep me excited to keep posting on this blog. Thanks!


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