Coming in 2012…

This blog has been active (loosely defined, of course) for over 2 years now. 2012 is going to be a building year for this blog, which will hopefully build into a community, and ultimately, a recognizable brand among men.

Here are some things that you might see beginning in January 2012…

  • A new logo. My buddy Bobby is a great model for the current logo, but I’m looking for something that can be transferred to other mediums. More on ‘other mediums’ later.
  • Updated website. The look will change according to the logo. Not quite sure where this is heading yet.
  • The About section. This is not a blog about me, but is going to be more about building a community of men that live with principles, passions, and purpose. I’m going to simply give direction.
I need some help. Here’s what I’ll need from those that are interested…
  • Help with a new logo. I have some specific ideas, but don’t have the ‘chops’ for great design. I’m not going to be satisfied with ‘good.’
  • Invite your friends to my Facebook page. I want the custom url associated with that page, and need 25 fans to do that.
  • Help me acquire the twitter handle @fromboytoman. I’ve emailed and tweeted to twitter, but they have yet to respond. It’s currently owned by someone that has only posted once, and that was in June of 2009. I would love this ‘brand’ to be consistent.
I’m looking forward to how this community might build. Thanks for being a part of it, and helping build this community. I hope you are as passionate about becoming a man that will lead our families, communities, etc. the way we were created to lead.

2 Replies to “Coming in 2012…”

  1. Hey Jason! I am really excited for what you have planned and would love to help you get things rolling and to build some excitement.

    For your logo, I am not a genius about logo design, but what if you had something that had a baby’s hand, a child’s hand, and a man’s hand?

    1. Thanks, Jack! I’m excited about some things, too. I have some cool plans that would be fun to brainstorm with you about. Maybe we can chat sometime about my thoughts and see if you think they’re either crazy or cool 🙂 Have a great Christmas!

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