My Favorite Business and Personal Development Resources

I’ll cut to the chase…

Here are my favorite business and personal development resources. They’re not all perfect, but have played a role in shaping my life. I hope you enjoy them…

Book: The One-Life Solution: by Henry Cloud

Book and Assessment (my recommendation is to purchase one of these books NEW in order to get the free assessment that comes with the book – the assessment by itself is nearly the cost of the book, anyway…):
Strengths Based Leadership & Strengths Finder 2.0

Personality Sorter: The Enneagram ( current recommended book: The Road Back to You: by Ian Cron)
(this personality sorter is quite different – it measures MOTIVATIONS rather than ACTIONS… be aware that in order for this to have an impact on your life, you need to read quite a bit until you have some ‘aha’ moments – bottom line: this one takes work)

Podcast: Building a StoryBrand

Podcast: How I Built This

Book: The War of Art

More resources to come soon…

*Yes, some of the links above are affiliate links (if they are linked to Amazon). It doesn’t cost you extra to purchase via these links – it’s a way to help support me and my personal development.