Blogging Restart


How often could we benefit from stopping and simply starting over? When is that the best course of action?

For some things, it means that we might completely scrap the whole thing and start over. Furniture makers, artists, or other craftsman hate to admit this, but sometimes they admit it’s best to take their losses and start from scratch.

For other things we don’t need to completely start over, but reset back a little ways. I’ve done this on projects before, where I know there’s a solid foundation of work done that I can go back to and begin (again) from that point. Good coders and developers are excellent at this.

This next year (2016) is going to be a restart for me in many areas. There will be a little bit of starting from scratch, and a lot of re-focusing where I’m heading and in which direction I need to go.

Here is a list of areas where I’ll be restarting this next year.

  • Exercise: This hasn’t been a priority, but it will be moving forward.
  • Work: I’m going to refocus what businesses are capturing my attention and where my time is focused in running my businesses.
  • Family: Scheduling intentional time with my family more than a week out.
  • Creativity: My goal in 2016 is to create more than I consume. Ask me how that’s going to look in about a month.

What does that mean for this blog? Right now I’m not sure. It may mean a refocus. All I know is that my own adventure in maturing ‘from boy to man’ has been quite a wild ride, and I would like to share more of my thoughts, struggles, ideas, and victories with anyone who might care to read.

Thanks for sticking with me. Here’s to growth and progress in 2016.


What areas in your life do you need to restart in this next year?

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